Custom Projects

At Finesse Glass we offer a range of customised services to our clients including custom templating, frameless glass shower screens, aluminium/glass combination pool fencing and aluminium privacy screens.

Custom templating – Custom panels & Staircases

Glass panels can come in a variety of sizes, shapes and thicknesses.

If you have an awkward space or are just wanting something a little different from the rest we can customise your glass to fit any brief. In order to do this our team will create templates and send them off to be fabricated to meet the design specifications.

Often the templating process is utilised when installing glass balustrade for staircases to ensure a perfect fit down to the millimetre.

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Frameless Glass Shower Screens

Whether you are renovating an existing bathroom or designing your new build a frameless glass shower screen will deliver a high end look that will complement your design style. Finesse Glass offers installation of frameless glass shower screens that are both aesthetically pleasing and longer lasting than traditionally weaker framed shower screens. Not only does it require minimal hardware as the glass is engineered to be fixed to the bathroom wall itself but it also removes the need for metal framing which can be a design eye sore. For more info on frameless glass shower screens contact our team today.

Aluminium and Glass combination Fencing

If you are after an affordable yet attractive solution for fencing your pool, decking or yard area, combination fencing may be for you. Blending a mixture of aluminium and glass panels can be largely cost effective whilst not compromising the overall aesthetic and design of the area you are wishing to contain. Commonly customers will request glass panels across the front of their pool in order to maintain unobstructed views whilst completing the rest of the perimeter with aluminium that often fades away into background landscaping. For more info on combination fencing contact our team today.

Aluminium Privacy screens

Aluminium screens are a great way of providing privacy, shade and enclosing areas such as spa’s, pergolas, balconies and more. Aluminium screens are on trend in the building industry and can be customised in shape, size, colour and style. Installation is simple, yet effective and can transform any space with decorative flair. For more info con Aluminium privacy screens contact our team today.

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